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Sometimes it’s hard to know whether a particular agent/realtor will be right to help you achieve your goals and, to what degree they are qualified and able to serve and protect your families best interests. The service offerings of virtually all agents are nearly identical, however, the degree of skill, competence, and performance between different agents is tremendous. To compound this situation, the public’s understanding of real estate practices in GA and how to determine and select the best agent are riddled with a lack of factual information and incorrect assumptions that if acted on, can negatively impact your finances and transactions outcome - and in the case of buying a home, even the long-term performance of your investment.

In this no-obligation consultation I will talk with you about your general plans and timelines to buy or sell a home, or both, and then discuss and explain the unique services I can bring to your transaction and how those can be of significant benefit to you. I want to gain your trust, and will answer any questions you may have, and dispel a few of the myths many people have about working with agents and what they do, and what they can’t do. I believe in open and transparent communications, and in any endeavor, it is important for all parties to understand what each other wants and expects up front, so a solid and trusting working relationship can be agreed upon.

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